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Region-Free DVD Players

A while back, I explained about hacking
your DVD player
so that it will play DVDs purchased in any region of the
world. Finally, some clever Japanese folks are selling region-free
DVD players
(this page is work-safe, but other pages on this site may not
be). They could probably use a new copy writer:

Watch DVDs from all over the world with the Lasonic DVB-8092 transportable
DVD player, a great unit that’s small and light and great for anyone without
a lot of space. We chose to carry the DVB-8092 because of its excellent design
and extensive feature set, and of course because of it’s very affordable price.
J-List customers are very important to us, so we’ve taken our time and chosen

These would be especially handy for immigrants, ex-pats and those with global
tastes in film and television. From the good people at Gizmodo.

3 Responses to “Region-Free DVD Players”

  1. harp

    Futile Shop has a little Daytek DVD player that actually plays all the regions…it’s under $70 Canadian and works pretty good. It’s also good to look at the video output on these cheapies (S-Video, Component, RCA, etc) to see which one you need.

  2. Jon

    Most retailers in Australia “pre-hack” players for their customers prior to sale. Region 4 releases (Australia) are PAL, so most players (and televisions) sold here are also capable of playing NTSC. The consumer competition authority is currently investigating the legality of the movie companies imposing the region system in Australia. So we have the situation where the distributors apply the technology, the vendors circumvent it, and the customers happily import via the net from wherever is cheapest.

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