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Sarah on Sex in the City

My Irish friend Sarah has a short treatise on the conclusion of Sex in the City. I’ve always had mixed feelings about this show. On the one hand it’s extremely witty and well-acted (despite the Doogie Howser device), but on the other hand it seemed to render most of the men on the show as incomplete, deeply-flawed or otherwise gobshites.

Sarah reaches an interesting conclusion about the show’s themes:

Between Samantha’s breast cancer, Charlotte’s infertility and Miranda’s obvious happiness in her imperfect husband and move to shock-horror Brooklyn, there is no doubting the core message: SETTLE, FOR ANYONE, QUICK!

3 Responses to “Sarah on Sex in the City”

  1. alexis

    I think most of the women in the show looked pretty dumb a lot of the time as well. For me, it was all about the witty lines and the occasionally funny situations.

    I also find the main character, Carrie, to be the most grating. She’s so whiny that sometimes I just want to put tape over her mouth. The fashion on the show also made me want to scream, as some of it was just so damn hideous.

    My other problem was I could never figure out how Carrie could afford a New York apartment when she only writes one column a week. I don’t know any writers who live like that.

  2. donna

    alexis: rent controlled apartment. :) What I wanted to know was how she managed to afford $40,000 worth of shoes… yegods!

    Darren: I actually find that the flaws in the women are just as obvious as the flaws in the men. In fact, one episode pointed that out very specifically — Carrie was commenting on how guys always seem so nice until you find out what their “thing” is, and that “thing” always ends up being something so incredibly crazy that you couldn’t possibly date them… and in her neurotic attempts to find out WHAT the thing is, she gets caught rifling through his stuff. He says “You girls always seem so normal at first, and then this!”

    The point being? It goes both ways. All women are crazy and all men are crazy. I like that the show points that out, too. :)

    That said, I do dislike the implication that you have to have a boyfriend, or life sucks. But, that’s sort of the premise of the show, despite the occasional attempts to say otherwise — like when the girls decided that they were their own soul mates.

    I still cried at Samantha’s breast cancer speech when she ripped her wig off while having a hot flash, and dozens of women in the audience started ripping their wigs off and showing their bald or near-bald heads in pride. (If I ever get cancer, I’m going bald at least once a week. I also plan on owning as many wigs as I can afford, and wearing a different one every day that I’m not going bald. Heck, I should just shave my head and do that anyway.)

    Also, every time Carrie does her little shrieky scream, I want to rip her throat out.

    But I still love the show and want to have horrible amounts of dirty, dirty sex with Miranda.

  3. Joan

    Miranda rules.

    Oh, yes SATC. I concur with your Irish friend. Being single in your late 30’s is the price you pay for being idependant in your 20’s which made you hard to date in your early 30’s (when you finally thought you had your head together) – which makes you crazy/desperate in your late 30’s….Ugh. Arg!

    Bad Fashion. Arg!

    I did love the humour though. Loved it. Also loved the bringing up of topics relevant to women long past due.

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