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Seeking Web Designers

Are you a freelance Web designer looking for work? If so, let me know, as I’m soliciting quotes on a project. I’ve contacted the people I know, but want to spread the drift net good and wide.

I don’t want to hear from you if you work for a massive agency that’s going to request the deed to my home as a retainer. At the other end of the scale, if you’re self-taught, fresh out of school or otherwise a noob, you’d better have a pretty fancy portfolio.

Email me at darren darrenbarefoot com for details.

5 Responses to “Seeking Web Designers”

  1. Rita

    I am a starving artist/Tennis Instructor and interested. My Artist web page is The page has art and Graphic samples. I have professional experience. I look forward to be a part of your Design team, Sincerely, Rita

  2. Nick

    My name is Nick me and my partner have a web design company in Toronto, Ontario. We are looking for companies that are outsourcing web design, flash, 3-D, and animation work etc.

    Thanks Nick C

  3. Volodymyr

    I have a small web development and graphic design company (EdCo Systems) in Edmonton Alberta.

    If you have any work in the field of .NET development or graphical design, please feel free to contact me via email or call at 780-707-0353.

  4. Arthur

    Computer graphics artist with international experience about 6-7 years now searching for freelance job. My portfolio on web site. My ICQ number is 238 455 195 or email me
    Thanks for advance!

  5. Maxie

    My name is Max. I am a professional web designer, freelnacer. I am looking for work :)
    Please, visit my website and check my portfolio.

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