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Talking to Strangers

When I talk to strangers, particularly women, my innocent conversations tend to up up with them laughing nervously and moving away. Yesterday, this young woman was dragging her stubborn, snorting bulldog into the elevator:

HER (to dog): C’mon, Turkey. Let’s go into the elevator, Turkey.

ME: Oh. Is Turkey his Christian name?

HER (laughs nervously, moves to far corner of elevator): Huh?

As Confucius teaches us, ‘silence is a friend who never betrays.’

4 Responses to “Talking to Strangers”

  1. Todd

    Confucius never attended an ill-fated Christian wedding.

  2. MJ

    Bahahah! that’s funny… dont change a thing, it weeds out the “normal” people…

  3. Rebecca

    That’s just a silly silly girl. If you had asked me if that was my dog’s Christian name, yes I would have laughed, but I also would have proceeded to tell you are dog’s hebrew name… that he received at his Bark Mitzvah. Haha! I love talking to strangers. Sometimes, my husband wishes I wouldn’t though.

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