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The Goddamn FAQ

I’m a regular poster on That’s a Usenet discussion group. For anybody not old or nerdy enough to know what those are, go here. People have been debating trades, discussing uniform designs and lusting after local media personalities since December 12, 1993. In Internet terms, that’s the Cambrian period.

Sometime in the newsgroup history, a FAQ for the newsgroup was started. It’s entitled the Goddamn FAQ, as in “in answer to your question, read the Goddamn FAQ”. This is where it gets a little weird. Part of the FAQ describes how members of the newsgroup have adopted a particular Canuck player as a pet. There’s nothing to adopting or owning a pet–mostly, you just claim him and he’s yours. My pet is Canucks General Manager Brian Burke. I’m think Burke has done a great job with the team on a limited budget, and regularly defend him in newsgroup discussions.

This is a long-winded introduction to a site I just discovered, and have nothing to do with: This is a fan site for the Canucks GM–not a player or a coach, but the GM. Does anybody else think that’s a little weird? No weirder, I suppose, than claiming Canucks players and staffs as housepets, but I thought it was strange. It’s a nice-looking site, though.

2 Responses to “The Goddamn FAQ”

  1. Paul

    What a crazy site.
    The coward of the Month is the most bizarre & funniest material i’ve heard.

    Who the hell is the exect team and why are they wearing mask.

  2. Jesse

    That site is awesome!

    I love the rants!

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