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The Internet Knows and Remembers

Over at Agent Number One, the author (a gay Vancouverite) has received some hate mail from a random person in the States. That’s certainly unpleasant, but not unusual (though, being an elitist white, straight male, I receive a disappointingly small amount of hate mail).

Here’s the power of the Internet. I’m more than happy to point out that this email came from one Ryan. Ryan apparently chose not to obfuscate his name.

UPDATE: I’ve edited this post at Ryan’s request. It’s a year old, and besides, the website it refers to is no longer up.

2 Responses to “The Internet Knows and Remembers”

  1. Immutably Me

    You elitist bastard. I hate you.

    There! You now have hate mail.

    P.S. Mr. Zazzara, that feeling you’re having is called retribution.

  2. alan

    Darren Barefoot is a wanker!

    there, i’ve contributed to the callout for hate mail. :)

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