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Webcams Galore

I recently discovered this company, who sells IP-based digital video camera systems. They’ve got a portal page of camera systems in operation. Want to see what’s shaking at Danier Leather in Toronto? How how construction is proceeding on the Renaissance Centre in Detroit?

Frankly, while the interface is cool, neither of those really float my boat. So, I went looking for zoo cams:

UPDATE: Meg writes to add the terribly-sad belugas at our own Vancouver Aquarium. Poor bastards. If I had a rocket launcher, I’d put them out of their misery.

3 Responses to “Webcams Galore”

  1. Meghan

    Do you think the belugas sad? They always seem happy. I was lucky enough to get to film them (last year?), and they seemed to like the camera attention. Now, the killer whales, made me ill that year we went, remember? I had to wait outside when you did the Amazon (?) tour, I could tell it was going to freak me out. On another camera: I was also going to mention the grizzly bears but the camera seems to be down:

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