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Wood, Not Flesh

Via BoingBoing, we find this fascinating video (and this high-speed AVI) of a table saw that can differentiate between flesh and wood:

The SawStop system works by recognizing the difference in the electrical properties of wood and a user. The system induces a high-frequency electrical signal on the blade of a table saw and monitors this signal for changes caused by contact between the blade and a user’s body. The signal remains unchanged when the blade cuts wood because of the relatively small inherent electrical capacitance and conductivity of wood.

If they’d had this badboy back in the sceneshop in Theatre 105, I wouldn’t have volunteered to sort screws with the girls. Incidentally, ‘sort screws’ isn’t a euphemism for anything–it’s literally what you think it is.

3 Responses to “Wood, Not Flesh”

  1. Sue

    Mmmm Theatre 105. SO many cute second-year work study boys… I swear, it really did take me that many hands-on lessons to figure out how a power drill worked. No, really! *evil grin*

  2. anacronyms

    Mmmm… sorting screws… with the girls…

    Sorting screws sounds dirty.

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