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A Very Controversial Photo

As reported by Plastic, the US military is doing its best to prevent photography of the flag-cloaked caskets of Americans killed in Iraq being published. Apparently they pressured the Seattle Times to fire a reporter a Kuwait-based cargo worker after she took such a photo that ran on the front page of the Sunday edition. This tactic isn’t suprising, as similar coverage during the Vietnam War significantly influenced public opinion. I obtained the following photo via Sean Bonner.

It’s a harrowing photo. War is an awful thing, and the politics of this one make this image all the more tragic. What makes the photo exceptional is the delicacy and care with which the soldiers appear to be treating their fallen comrades. I know this image is being wielded as a metaphor and a political tool, but, to me, it’s a much more intimate than that. To me, it’s a photo about brotherhood.

5 Responses to “A Very Controversial Photo”

  1. KevinG

    The lady who was fired for taking the photo was not a reporter but a “a Kuwait-based cargo worker” not a repoter.

  2. KevinG

    OK, fat fingers but you know what I meant.

  3. Debbie Galant

    That is such an amazing photo. The repetitive image of the American flag (always visually mesmerizing), dead soldiers as cargo (sad, sickening), the politics and the firing (riveting). I would not be surprised if it wins an award, even if the person who took it was not a journalist.

  4. amberly

    Would you rather the soldiers be left in Iraq? How else would we get them home? At least they are in nice caskets blanketed with US Flags and not in black body bags! Personally, I love this photograph…

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