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Can I Borrow a Couple Mill?

One of the 19 extant copies of the third edition of Shakespeare’s Hamlet is being auctioned by Christie’s today:

The nearly 400-year-old book is one of 19 copies of the 1611 printing of known to exist, and is the only one remaining in private hands. It was owned by Mary Hyde, Viscountess Eccles, a reknowned New Jersey book collector and English literature scholar best known for her extensive Samuel Johnson collection, now at the Houghton Library at Harvard University. While other rare finds from Lady Eccles’ collection are also being auctioned Wednesday, early editions of “King Lear,” “Richard II” and “Macbeth” among them, the “Hamlet,” because of its condition and rarity, is expected to attract the most attention. Christie’s has estimated its worth between $1.5 and $2 million.

How about we pool our cash together and see what we can come up with?

5 Responses to “Can I Borrow a Couple Mill?”

  1. Sinclair Sinclair

    Let’s see. I’ve got $6 on me, but if you think you need more I can got root through the cusions on the couch. Anything I find (that isn’t a quarter–sitll gotta do laundry) is yours.


  2. Sue

    Lady Eccles. *snicker* I wonder if she likes Eccles cakes?

    This Beavis & Butthead moment was brought to you by the letter E.

  3. donna

    I can throw in a dollar!

    Does that get me the rights to a whole letter, or just a little bit of coffee stained paper?

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