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Dear Me

Via BoingBoing, we find this photo of a killer whale’s whamadoodle (is this safe for work? Your call). This photo would give John Holmes an inferiority complex–that’s gotta be three feet if it’s an inch. If you look carefully, you’ll note that the, uh, wetsuit-wearing whale-wrangler clutches a plastic bag in his, uh, off-hand. He’s a brave, brave man. The orca, however, looks remarkably relaxed.

While searching for some hard facts (ah, I can’t help myself) on whale phalli, I found this scientific article from the Center for Whale Research in lovely Friday Harbor. Amusingly, it’s entitled An Annotated Bibliography of Cetacean Releases. Thanks to Woody’s World of Penis Euphemisms for the synonym du jour. That’s safe for work unless your IT department is packet sniffing and objects to phrases like ‘mushroom-tipped love dart’.

Sorry for the juvenalia, but I’ve been writing a whitepaper on call centre integration all day, and I needed some revelry.

4 Responses to “Dear Me”

  1. Winston Smith

    Must…resist…joke…about…Free Willy!


  2. Lynsey

    Wait till you see angry elephant!!! Africa is so much fun.

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