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Friends in Advertising

I recently referenced my friend Chezlene, who sent along that email joke. As I mentioned, she’s an actor. She has tiny hands, so she does a lot of hand acting for toys and such (that’s how I first learned about Flavas from Mattel). She acts with the rest of her body, too, though.

Recently, she was in this commercial for, and it got chosen as a best spot of the month by AdWeek. The commercial aired on American stations earlier this year, but you can see it here in WMV format or Quicktime. As commercials go, it’s relativing amusing. And Chez plays the bank-teller-at-a-personal-crossroads very convincingly.

2 Responses to “Friends in Advertising”

  1. Winston Smith

    I saw that spot a while back and about fell out of my chair laughing! The best part was when she stepped over the customer on the floor and says “excuse me!”…

    I love a good ad like that; it gets the point across, is memorable and as a bonus, makes you laugh out loud.

  2. Hugh

    I assume that you pronounce her name Shay-lene, and not Chezz-lene? Regardless, this is one of a great series of commercials.

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