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Googlewhacking the Afternoon Away

I was actually looking for Google Fight (to determine which of these terms is more popular), but mixed it up with Googlewhack. I’d kind of forgotten about this fun little site, where you endeavour to find two words that will return exactly one result from Google. As the Web gets bigger, and Google indexes more formats, this is getting trickier.

I’m pleased to report that I haven’t lost my touch, though, and scored a successful Googlewhack with bantustan pectoral.

3 Responses to “Googlewhacking the Afternoon Away”

  1. Jane

    An alternative to Google Fight is GoogleDuel (, which was developed by a Simon Fraser University computing science student.

  2. Tori

    not anymore – now this search comes up with two results – the first most certainly being the one you found, the second is

    it’s like peripheral vision – once you look at it it’s gone. once you mention it on your site it no longer qualifies!

    fun game though…

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