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Greatest Canadian Update

A while back I mentioned that, in the rich tradition of copying the best bits of the BBC, the CBC is launching a Greatest Canadian contest. A debate ensued as to who should be nominated and the criteria by which they should be judged.

The CBC has launched their official site, and is encouraging us Canucks to submit nominations. I’m trying to think of a decent subversive Canadian that I could start a campaign to have nominated, but I can’t get past Pamela Anderson and Bill Shatner. And, frankly, neither of them deserve it.

5 Responses to “Greatest Canadian Update”

  1. Joan

    Neil Young, or PET, or Joni or, oh – so many…Stompin Tom could win on sheer Canadian Non-Camp Camp.

  2. Darren James Harkness

    Heh. Nardwar the human serviette is an excellent suggestion for off-the-wall…. but sadly, nobody outside of Vancouver knows him.

    If you’re going for the two-bit actor direction, don’t forget Keanu*. Whoa.

    * He may not have been born here, but he does hold Canadian citizenship

  3. Sue

    Apparently Kim Campbell was ranked in the top 50 leaders of all time by National Geographic or some other major magazine… my husband read the article this weekend and blew tea out his nose. It was quite funny, really. Apparently there weren’t any Canadians on the selection committee for that list.

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