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My Little Babushka

Here’s a strange story out of Russia. The Russian pageant coordinators held an Internet vote to choose the Russia entrant for the Miss Universe contest. Internet votes being as they are, several groups (including anti-globalisationists such as hijacked the vote and elected a normal-looking woman:

With her generous form Alyona Pisklova is an unlikely poster girl for Russia, a country which prides itself on its rather skeletal Slavic body. But she became the runaway favourite to enter the Miss Universe contest when it was decided to drop the traditional selection jury and rely on internet voting.

Apparently she was 5’2″ and 130lbs. Yet, there’s a final twist that reeks of conspiracy. It turns out that Ms. Pisklova is only 15, too young to participate in the pageant. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that this is just spin from the pageant organizers, who have quickly come to understand the shortcomings of Internet voting. Weren’t they paying attention to the Internet vote on gay marriage that that right-wing site hosted that got hijacked by the gay agenda?

2 Responses to “My Little Babushka”

  1. Sue

    I think there may be something to this… Imagine choosing a “Miss Universe” based not upon the contestants’ performances in a short, artificial, televised pageant, but how they handle the “universe” in their real lives. I think people who don’t fit the normal classification of “beautiful” would have a significant edge, especially if strength of character and adaptability were criteria in the decision. Pourquoi? Because I think people who grow up without having “looks” to rely on have to develop higher self-esteem and social skills… glaring mass generalization there, perhaps, but I think it holds water. But imagine if Miss Universe turned out to be smart, funny, talented, accomplished in both career and domestic life, and well-loved by animals and children. Now THAT would be a pageant worth winning.

  2. ashley

    i was wondering what little babushka means. i found something that says that its a piece of clothing. i always though that it ment like someone little or cute. can you tell me?

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