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Other Yous

I’m going to try to start a meme. It’s called Other Yous, and it works like this: You ego-surf on Google to find other people with your full name. Then, based on the results, you compose profiles of the other people on the planet who share your name.

For example, my wife is:

  • The “Pets” columnist for the Sunday New York Post
  • The third girl in Haverhill High history to score 1,000 points. She went on to play college ball, becoming an all-conference guard at the University of South Carolina. She’s apparently got a heck of a three-point shot.
  • An office assistant at the Chamber of Commerce in Elk Grove, California (also, coincidentally, the home of the Apple head office).
  • The owner of the Lake Shelbyville Sports and Fitness Center and has a son named Kyle (oddly, my middle name) in Shelbyville, Illinois.

Why haven’t I done this for me? Well, Other Yous only works for names that are somewhat common. If you’re John Smith or Darren Barefoot, you’re kind of out of luck. The former offers too much to choose from, and the latter too little. It’s also more difficult if you’d had a lengthy or popular online life. For example, I bet Tim Bray or Robert Scoble have a hard time sifting through their results for the other Tim Brays and Robert Scobles of the world. My friend Hugh Grant would have a related problem.

Go forth and collect meaningful data about the other yous on the planet. Tell your friends.

6 Responses to “Other Yous”

  1. Meghan

    I can’t play, and it actually gets worse if I cut out my middle name – then I don’t even show up. Though I get 65 hits on my first and last name separately (no quotes).

  2. v7.0

    other you, other me.

    Darren is starting a new meme, Other Yous. The idea is to search Google for other people with your name. Like, Darren, I have a fairly uncommon name — however, there are a couple of others out there. Donna Jaggard…

  3. wheels

    I get no matches when my middle name is included, but without it, I can find a cookbook author and an ice-skating magician.

  4. Tzaddi

    Though I have a fairly common last name I can’t play either. The closest is Tzaddi Smith (State Bar, California). There’s another California Tzaddi in Japan (unknown last name). We both like purple and have arty backgrounds. I used to be quite drawn to Japan and have been there. Another Tzaddi in Portugal seems into art as well. Interesting.

    I had a mini identity crisis when I first noticed another Tzaddi existed in the world.

  5. zodomatica

    Other Yous

    Darren Barefoot wonders about the other yous. Even without my middle name I can’t play very well. Asammoha, if you must know. Roughly translated it means something like non-delusion. Tzaddi has many meanings but was chosen for the ‘meditation’ aspect….

  6. rilla

    Hi, I found your blog via Becky and I am sorry to say that I cannot participate either, and like Tzaddi I also got a little freaked when I found others who have the same first name as I do. Ouch.

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