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I announce with heavy regret that later this month I’m turning 30. That’s right, the big three-oh. I no longer enjoy the shining gleam of youth. I’m now in the middle of my life. My dreams of a career as an NHL defenceman are fading fast. Three days earlier, my wife turns a mere twenty-nine.

To console ourselves, we’re having a party. If you know me, come on down for a drink. If you don’t know me but want to, and you’re not a sociopath, come on down. I want to meet you, too. If you’re stalking me (I should be so lucky), feel free to lurk in a doorway across the street. There’s a fancy, printable invitation here.

If you’re going to come, drop me an email or add a comment to let me know, just so we can get a sense of numbers. Details follow:

Thursday, April 22, from 8:00pm onward
In the Shebean* at the Irish Heather
217 Carrall Street, just up from the Gassy Jack statue

*The Shebean is a small, private pub that’s part of the Irish Heather. Go to the main bar and ask for the Shebean (as in “she been good to me”) and they’ll direct you.

For all you alcohol connoisseurs, Sean Heather (proprietor and publican) assures me that the Shebean has the finest selection of single-malt whiskeys in western Canada. For you sports fans, in the event of a Canucks game, the Shebean is equipped with a TV, which Sean assures me will have cable by April 22.

9 Responses to “Par-Tay”

  1. Damelon Kimbrough

    As much fun as that would be, It’s a little too far for a birthday party. Besides, with my fortieth birthday looming, you turning only 30 would only be depressing for me. :)

    But have a hell of a party !

  2. donna

    I may indeed be there. I may even bring the boy. Since we’re young and under 25, we can point and laugh at you old farts. :)

  3. Jen

    I do love me a good birthday shindig.

    Even more than that, I love single malt scotch.

    Wild horses and all that jazz…. see you there :)

  4. Roland Tanglao

    happy birthday ‘old’ :-) man

    i’ll try to make your soiree (i love single malt too) but if don’t it’ll be because of baby stuff

  5. Debra Galant

    Age and coolness are not correlated. Jon Stewart is 42. I’ll give you more examples if you need. Just stretch, read, floss and continue to have fun.

  6. Brad

    I will be there about an hr. late, but I will be there.


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