Hey, hey, HEY! I most definitely did not point out the physiological affects of consuming asparagus. My sensibilities are much more refined! (nose in the air, pinky out)
Actually, I was more intrigued by questions such as, Are there any green mammals?
And: If I had to save myself by surfing down a molten lava flow, what would I be able to stand on that wouldn’t melt from the heat of the lava? Three different scientists offer speculative solutions to this prospect.
And especially, Why do men have nipples? Titled Pointless, the answer ventures from suggesting that they may be present as a safety feature–to warn men how far out from the beach they can safely wade–to embryology and ultimately to female sexual response (not directly to the features in question!).
There are 24 topics at http://www.newscientist.com/lastword/categories.jsp
Many of the 500 Q&As are wry gems. Fun!