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Seeking Guest Writers

As you may know, at the end of April I’m heading to Ireland and South Africa for three and a half weeks. While I may occasionally post to this weblog, updates are likely to be be few and far between. Unfortunately, there are few WiFi hotspots in Kruger National Park.

To prevent the site from going completely fallow for a month, I’m seeking some guest writers who can post to this site. Ideally, I’m looking for three to four people. A couple would be blogging noobs–maybe you want to try out online writing and a couple would be experienced bloggers with other sites. I’ve already got one noob lined up, but it anyone else wants to volunteer, that’d be swell.

I’d expect that you’d post at least three times a week, with content and a style vaguely similar to what normally appears here. Noobs, don’t worry if you don’t know HTML. The bits you’ll need are really easy to learn, and the veteran bloggers can help ensure your entries are formatted correctly.

If you’re interested, drop me an email. If you’ve already got a weblog, include a link to it.

UPDATE: All right, I’ve got a few bloggers interested in the guest-blogging. Now I just need another noob. Anyone, anyone?

7 Responses to “Seeking Guest Writers”

  1. Mel

    I hate to be a nag, but a couple of your entries in the last week (this one and Sex Doesn’t Sell) have been cut off by an incomplete tag somewhere. Just so ya know.

    Are you gonna tell us which safari you’re going on? Or do we have to wait ’til you get back?

  2. steve

    What does it pay? There are many small professional companies that can offer their services.

  3. Darren

    It pays a big pile of my gratitude, a tiny bit of Internet fame and a bonus of good karma.

  4. Sue

    Oooh I’ll volunteer. It would give me a chance to blog more meaningfully than I seem to be currently doing. Like a whole new blog, only I didn’t have to do any work, and I can leave before it gets boring.

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