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The Economics of LSD

Via BoingBoing, we find this interesting piece on the declining fortunes of acid as a recreational drug:

Lead researcher Dr. Lloyd Johnston says the group has never seen such a dramatic drop in the use of an established illicit drug as they’re seeing now with LSD. In both the 2000 and 2001 surveys, 6.6 percent of high-school seniors reported that they’d used LSD in the previous year. In 2002, the figure dropped to 3.5 percent. And in the most recent survey, from 2003, only 1.9 percent of high-school seniors claim to have dropped acid.

Hilariously, the drop in usage is partially attributed to the Grateful Dead and Phish ending stopping their endless touring. More siginficantly, the DEA busted the LSD motherlode in two arrests in rural Kansas in 2000. Apparently these guys basically had the market cornered, and now they’re doing life sentences. So, no supplier, no drugs.

Maybe LSD needs rebranding. Like, it should be spelled ac1D, and maybe Dennis Hopper could become its hip spokesperson. “Kids, I’ve done my own weight in ac1D, and I’m a major motion picture star. What are you waiting for?”

4 Responses to “The Economics of LSD”

  1. TooHighTooLong

    I have tried my fair share of LSD.
    If it were just as intense, as the peak, but had a faster recovery time on the body, it would be more readily used. (Longer peak, but overall lasting half as long; 5 hours.) That would bring the usage back up. We need more University students to take the challenge of creating a longer peak and short duration of the whole trip.
    There is money to be made.

  2. alison

    i’d be interested to see the results of a survey taken with the same students asking them if, and how many times they have used e in the last year. i’m thinkin’ it may be pickin’ up the slack.

  3. TooHighTooLong

    X is ok, but in a different form. Not sure if X is picking up the slack of LSD, It’s totally 2 different highs and 2 different eras. The 60’s, people were into Acid and Hallucinations, the 90’s to the 2000’s has been a trend towards X, love and communication. Not sure if X is a Society induced drug to promote openness and peacefully traquility, or a drug for people who are afraid of the effects and long duration of the LSD?

  4. midwest tripper

    that is fucking retarded to totally ruin two people’s lives when they were probably otherwise law abiding citizens that just liked pschedelic thinking. I plan on getting 10 acid capsules next weekend… so fuck the po-lice

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