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Yep, Gettin’ Slashdotted

In case you didn’t notice, the site’s getting pasted at the moment due to this reference on Slashdot. I’m optimistic that things will die down by this afternoon.

I’m none too pleased with my ISP, Dollarhost. I warned them last night that, you know, a big storms a comin’. They replied “there shouldn’t be a problem with this, is there any requirements that your server needs to have in order for this to function properly?” This suggests to me that they didn’t quite grasp the scale of the problem, despite my inclusion of several URLs to resources on the Slashdot effect. What’s more frustrating is that because they’re hosting many sites on the same box, when my site went down, so too did my company’s, my step-sister’s mother’s and a friend’s.

2 Responses to “Yep, Gettin’ Slashdotted”

  1. donna

    two words:

    Hmm. Is that two words or one? Maybe even three, if you count “dot” as it’s own word.

    I dunno.

    In any event, they rock ass. Their support is second only to the support of my employer. You know, the support I provide. But I might be biased.

  2. Andréa

    As a frequent Slashdotter, I have often toyed with putting my URL in my signature. However, my great fear of Slashdot traffic causes me to remain anonymous. In fact, I’m not even willing to put my URL here, since I’m the traffic is still coming. :) It must have worked for you though, since your PageRank is now up to 6. Right?

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