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Free(way) Speech

Freeway Blogger: Before the internet, before television and radio, photography or even the invention of the printing press, there was the sign. Five hundred, one thousand, even three thousand years ago, if you wanted to get your message out, you made a sign.

You made a sign and then put it up in the most public place you could find, so that as many people as possible would read what you had to say. If you were smart, you used durable materials and hung it in such a way that other people couldn’t take it down… at least not easily.

Even in complex times like these though, it’s the simplest ideas that work the best, and for pure, unadulterated free speech to a mass audience, you really can’t beat sticking a sign on the freeway. Using cardboard (free in the dumpsters behind your local corporate retail outlet – for large sheets go behind furniture stores,) house paint, duct-tape and coat hangars, I’ve made hundreds of signs that have been seen by literally millions of people: all for a total cost of about forty bucks. (from the FreewayBlogger Manifesto)

What a great idea! I posted about this site on my weblog this last week, and even garnered a response from the Freeway Blogger him/herself. The “scarlet pimpernel” wrote: Although the site centers on the larger, more in your face signs, it’s the little ones posted along the peripheries of the highways that last the longest and ultimately reach the most people: “The War is a Lie.” “Osama Bin Forgotten” and lately just the word “Fiasco.” What good this does is negligable I suppose, but I want to live in a country where there’s at least one person mad enough to litter the freeways with their thoughts – until that guy shows up for work I guess it’s my job.

Good luck on your paper and I’ll keep you posted on ongoing campaigns: (“Rumsfailed” is the one I’m posting these days.)

It’s inspiring to know that not everyone back home is an automaton of the administration or believes the lies Faux News is promoting about the “war on terror.”

I may have to make a sign, myself.

EDIT: For recent sign postings, check out the FreewayBlogger’s weblog.

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