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Link Round-Up: Discovered on Holiday

Various bits and pieces that I noted while traveling:

  • Economic analysis of Star Wars: Galaxies (and some comments on that analysis).
  • The Long Now Foundation is one of my favourite non-profits. Here are some interesting-looking seminars from its members. I haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet, but will report back once I do.
  • The OpenCD project. You may be familiar with this, but these guys provide a CD image of all of the best free software programs, from OpenOffice to Celestia.
  • From the people who brought you Kazaa, Skype is a free VoIP client that looks like MSN Messenger. You can make ‘phone calls’ to any other Skype user anywhere on the planet for free, using your computer’s microphone and speakers. I haven’t tried it, but my Irish friends swear by it.
  • Weblog of an S&M mistress (the next Belle de Jour?). Safe enough for work. While the Web is rife sex-worker blogs, why aren’t there more steel-worker and lumberjack weblogs? ‘Today I harvested 14 spruces, 6 pines and a Douglas fir.’

2 Responses to “Link Round-Up: Discovered on Holiday”

  1. Chris

    I’ve tried Skype (I’m on Shaw cable) but without much success. Conversation was fragmented and unclear. I have now uninstalled it and gone back to using a normal phone. Maybe it’s because it was still beta.

  2. James Burns

    Yeah a male lumberjack’s blog called “I am a lumberjack and I’m ok”. Thing is that kind of blog wouldn’t have quite the same appeal, unless perhaps he was a cross-dresser and waxed poetic about his “suspendies and bra”.

    The thing about sex worker blogs is they are about sex, something people rarely get enough of….even Belle judging from her latest entries.

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