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Can You Make a Living as a Pundit?

I’m going to be on TV. On Monday, I was interviewed by Lauren Mcnabb of Global National news (that sounds hilarious when you say it out loud). She interviewed me about blogging and its impact on the current election. Then they shot some video me posting an entry to my site. I just heard from Jim Elve, blogmeister of BlogsCanada, that she spoke with him as well.

I’m told that, unless it gets bumped, the segment should air Thursday or Friday on Global National news, which starts locally at 5:00 PM (I think) 5:30PM. Look for me, I’ll be the geeky one talking too fast and waving my hands around.

5 Responses to “Can You Make a Living as a Pundit?”

  1. Anon

    Hi Darren, I have enjoyed your site.
    If you don’t remember me- I am going to call Rob Goehring and complain. Then I expect another apology email.
    Keep the funny stuff coming.

  2. Darren

    I fully remember you. You are the woman I forget. You have blonde hair and are married to Conal. See, I’m all over that. Thanks for comment though, as it will help me not to forget you at the next event.

  3. Don

    Congratulations of a solid appearance – you made us bloggers look good. They seemed to cut most of the arm-waving, just as they cut my calling Merrifield “Merriweather”. So that was a plus.

    I’m not sure how I felt watching that piece, having us as part of a larger theme on apathy.

    But I don’t feel too bad being voted class clown. ;-)

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