I know that the blogosphere is all abuzz about how it’s going to change the world, but I have my doubts. Like other fads, it’s come, and it will fade. Will it change things? Yes. But it certainly isn’t going to replace mainstream reporting, as some claim.

However, I must say that every time the mainstream press has run a story or stories on something that I actually know something about (a narrow range of topics, that) they’ve got it wrong. Not badly wrong, usually, but wrong nonetheless. Blogs can correct that: in the last couple of years, when something has caught my attention and I’ve wanted a different spin, or more information from an informed source, I’ve looked deeper on the net. That information source is often in the form of a blog.

I’ll offer one (IMO very good) example: http://www.empirenotes.org. He definitely has a slant, but he offers solid information that isn’t available through mainstream media. Look back through his older stuff to see some information on Fallujah that wasn’t widely reported, for example.

So how does this relate to corporate blogging? I don’t think that it is the ‘blogginess’ that’s important. I think the thing that is actually going on is that people like me (us, I guess) are no longer willing to accept the 400 words in daily paper or the forty-five seconds on the nightly news. We want more than what we’ve been getting from the traditional push technologies, and resources on the net have finally reached the point where they are a viable alternative.

Very little of which actually addresses the article you referenced, but… well, no excuses. It is an interesting and valuable piece.