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Fake IDs Go High-Tech

I never owned a fake ID. One of my classmates, Ted, was fortunate enough to have had an error made on his driver’s license. It added two years to his age, so that in Grade 12 he could buy alcohol for, well, everybody.

I always assumed that you bought fake IDs from a dodgy-looking weasal of a man down some dark alley in the wrong part of time. At least that’s how it was done in the old days. I read in the Vancouver Sun today that things have gone decidedly high tech (no link, as it requires registration, but here’s a similar article from an Ontario paper).

Digital Products will make you a fake drivers license or other ID from 34 states and seven provinces, including BC. In fact, my fellow British Columbians and I should take pride, as we’re the top-selling Canadian province. They look very realistic, and include the hologram and the magnetic strips of actual licenses. All for US $90.

So now that under-age kids can get both porn and liquor (indirectly) over the Internet, what coming-of-age trials are left? When they’re all grown up, will today’s youths wax nostalgic about the day their WiFi router broke?

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  1. admin

    Fake poster, same IP as Darren – Harold Kim – Joseph – Michael Woods – Bryan
    This person is selling ids under the name and

    I have been asked by people that have been scammed to remove all posts from such user but we believe in freedom of speech

  2. help?

    anyone making vancouver ids? driver license? bcid? anyone have good ones like idwizzard did

  3. need ID!

    Need a good quality BC drivers license, anyone making any?

  4. Justin

    Does anyone know if idwizzard09 is still functional? I emailed them a few weeks ago, then heard that it may have gotten shut down. Whoever is in control of the email now replied asking for all the info needed to create a card, and I don’t feel like sending my name and picture to a cop or something

    fluxpop Reply:

    I dealt with them 1 week ago and there not cops.. i think they closed shop for a while but there back up and running

  5. Prettyboy

    I got my BC new version drivers license from idwizzrd09 last year in December i think it was great quality with raised print and all ,I would rate quality 9/10 I am now looking for an Ontario drivers also…has anyone been in touch with him lately is he still in business and has anyone seen the Ontario drivers at the time I ordered mine the Ontario did not have all the correct security features yet like raised print and the micro print etc like the high quality BC ones he was making

  6. Prettyboy

    Has anyone received or ordered an Ontario drivers from or same site different URLS …If so what was there quality

    fluxpop Reply:

    i ordered a card from and got nothing

  7. fluxpop

    some of my friends ordered from idwizzard09 and out of all the cards they ordered, the Alberta deluxe is they highest quality they offer in my opinion. They don’t normally list it when you email them.. you kinda have to ask for it

    Justin Reply:

    Is there a difference between the Alberta deluxe and a regular Alberta id?

  8. Prettyboy

    So whats Idwizzard09 new email for contact and do you know if he is doing Ontario also

  9. Mark


    I am looking for a high quality Fake driver’s license with an accompanying ID such as a student card.
    I need very high quality cards with all security features such as magnet bar encoding, HD micro printing, hologram, signature engraving ..etc

    please email me at as soon as you can.

  10. Somewhat

    I just got a ID from idwizard and it looks good but I don’t know what a alberta id is suppose to look like- anyone know where I could see a couple of pictures online


    Harry Reply:

    How long did it take for them to deliver it to you? I’m looking to get one fairly quick.

  11. wiz



    Fraser Reply:

    Alberta deluxe I need one !!!

    Tim Reply:

    Don’t bother ordering from them ( ). They’ll just take your money and you won’t get shit. Nothing a shitty fake one. I’ve ordered from them 1 month ago and got nothing. Not even an envelop with a stamp on it. Save your money. Best to buy in person.

    John Reply:

    Please tell me that isn’t true, I sent them money yesterday and they seemed legit and real helpfull..

  12. Jay

    Tim is right about idwizzard09. I was really hesitant about purchasing a fake and not dealing with the matter in person, but I was so desperate for an id that I went against my better judgement and wasted my hard earned money on NADA. They won’t even message me back now that they’ve collected my money. It’s my fault for being so naive but whatever, hopefully people will learn from this.

  13. Ashlyn Sakata

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