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Follow-Up on the Punditry

As I referenced last week, I was on Global National News (as the Irish put it) talking shite about election blogging, citizen-journalists and the like. So too were Jim Elve of BlogsCanada and Don at Revolutionary Modern. Like everyone else in Canada, I missed the broadcast because I was watching Game 5 of the Stanely Cup Finals. Fortunately, I’ve got a friend who works for a major media monitoring company, and he hooked me up. Here’s the footage:

Don’t give me any trouble about file formats and size, I’m no digital video expert.

UPDATE: If the file size of these clips intimidates you, and you’re a Windows user, Jim Elve has posted some smaller versions that are WMV files.

3 Responses to “Follow-Up on the Punditry”

  1. Imogene Huxham

    stina saw you -she was all surprised. Glad I finally saw it!! :)

  2. champ


    I would love to start my own blog. I have very little leads go about it. Are you planning on writing an article on how to start your blog?.

    Seriously, are you organizing the workshop on blog in fall? Any update?

  3. Mel

    Ah, you didn’t look that geeky. It was a good spot. Well done!

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