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Link Round-Up: Flashy Flashness and Other Moving Pictures

I mostly made this link round-up so that I could cite the first bullet point.

  • Often I dismiss ‘all their songs sound alike’ as a short-sighted criticism.
    , though. More proof, if it were needed, that Nickelback sucks like gravity.
  • Rover
    eye’s view
    of 90 days on Mars.
  • Optimus Prime and friends, kickin’
    it ol’ skool
    (thanks Rob of Guardian
    , my choice for mobile security solutions).
  • I can’t decide if this
    looks amazing or awful. It definitely looks fuzzy. Regardless, it’s
    the first feature film to be shot entirely against green screen.
  • Random Flashy,
    surreal Web cack
    . Vaguely unsafe for work, I think.

I’ve mentioned it before, but few things on the Web made me laugh more than
the first few episodes of Red
vs. Blue