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Link Round-Up: Gadgetry

A bunch of gadgets:

  • Via Engadget,
    we find a
    suppository for glaciers
  • The perfect device
    for pranking your luddite friends.
  • Also from Engadget
    (and I’ll borrow their headline), nail salons tremble
  • Via collision
    , we find the
    world leader
    in skateboard prevention devices.
  • Via Geek
    News Central
    , this is a software gadget, but it’s kind of fascinating. permits you to search domains that people have registered
    but subsequently failed to renew. They’ve got a database of 23,460,964 domains,
    with a
    pretty robust search engine
    . There are currently 289 domains that are
    www.darren<foo>.com. Why, if I wanted, I could go and register In the past 30 days, 84 domains have expired
    that contain the word ‘pants’. The options are freakin’ endless:,,,
    and my favourite,
  • Looking for work? Apparently there’s a high demand for and a global shortage
    of watchmakers.