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Name this Building

This is a fun marketing gimmick. Vancouver is undergoing an incredible skyscraper-building spree (and has been for a decade). Buildings are sprouting like weeds, so it’s important to differentiate yourself (mind you, supply is just not catching up with demand).

A new one is going up at Seymour and Drake, where the infamous Luvaffair night club used to be. Instead of going with the standard posh-sounding building name like ‘Eden’ or ‘Bravo’, they’re having a contest to name the building. Not the most innovative marketing in the world, but pretty decent for the real estate world.

You can get another, earlier view of the site from my fancy, fancy animated GIF.

4 Responses to “Name this Building”

  1. Mayooresan

    is it Kaththarikka???? கத்தரிக்கா?

    shithole Reply:

    haha wat hte fuck did u say the biulding should be called shit hole

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