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Repent Sinner

Vancouver readers will immediately know what the title refers to:

If you’ve set foot on the streets of the greater Vancouver area in the last several years, you’ve almost certainly seen one of these small sets of instructions. If you’re of an inquisitive mind-set, you may have wondered where they came from. If you’re of an obsessive mind-set, you may have devoted some time to trying to find out.

This guy has set off on a hunt to find the person or persons responsible for placing these small, handmade stickers on lampposts and telephone polls around the city.

2 Responses to “Repent Sinner”

  1. Ross Laird

    Hey Darren;

    I posted a piece about the “repent sinner” artist last week at my UrbanVancouver
    blog (entitled “A Strange, devoted artist”), and on my own site. It’s an interesting story.

    Ross Laird

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