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Sex Bracelets?

Should you have children, or plan on having them (see below), you probably won’t want them wearing these things. Via Jeff, we find sex bracelets (site safe enough for work):

Sex bracelets are inexpensive and colorful jelly bracelets. They sometimes signal, based on their color, willingness to perform a certain sex act. They are sometimes used in games in which sexual favors are exchanged.

Apparently all the kids are wearing them. Here’s a the decoder chart which describes what colour means what sex act. If I was wearing a green one, I’d want to clarify its alternative meanings, which include both ‘outdoor sex’ (an homage to environmentalism, I gather) and ‘hug’. To me, the whole thing sounds like an overblown media myth.

43 Responses to “Sex Bracelets?”

  1. Peter

    Gay men used to have an elaborate color-coding scheme for communicating sexual activities and roles. This spread out to lesbians and straights in certain subcultures, but I understand they’ve fallen by the wayside. (How you can tell forrest green from hunter green from kelly green in a darkened night club is beyond me.)

    I’ve also been to a few club nights where people wear color-code bracelets for pickups, though I can’t say how widespread they are. So, I don’t dismiss this report out of hand.

  2. Jeff Lewis

    But is it an UL? It’s still pretty much undetermined and a recent news report here locally interviewed several children at school and they had all heard about it and some of them took part in the games…perhaps it started off as a bit of a myth but there is a reason stores are selling so many of them now…

  3. Mel

    My 16-year-old sister, who goes to a public high school in Kamloops, doesn’t know anyone at her school that wears these bracelets. She figures it’s either a U.S. thing, or that “it’s just something made up by overworked parents that are worked up about nothing”.

    She also says “Why would you kiss and tell!?”

    It’s good to know there’s still a glimmer of hope for today’s youth, eh?

  4. Jewel

    sex bracelets rock all you stuck ups who dont like them email me and tell me why.Ok so yea we teenages have some fun playing “snap” but its fun like the game “caps” just for fun and yea we still know that “no” means “no”.

  5. Anonymous

    In Canada some spots kids are still allowed to wear them to school. Most teenagers starting wearing them without knowing what they meant which is now known because of the U.S and are most likely using them for sexual favors

  6. C-Na

    Sex bracelets are awesome and all y’all better shut your mouths cause all you are are stupid retards and you really don’t have a clue about ne of these things so BACK OFF!

    HotyGirlComeHaveSexW/Me Reply:

    so true we have them everywear in my school thre completely FINE

  7. Brandy

    I think that sex bracelets are very fun and exciting and are a good idea for all children around the world to have and expirence the excitment!!.. We have a bunch of these things and i LOVE them!! without them i wouldn’t be getting any action!!Id like to thank my mother guntash and my father goustoff and my teany tiny lil twins that live in japan…for buying these cheap bracelets for me for christmas..without them i might still be a virgin wait who am i kidding i WOULD still be a virgin!!


  8. Brandy

    hey guys its me…again i just wanted to say ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


    HotyGirlComeHaveSexW/Me Reply:


  9. shadowed

    hey who cares what the kids are using the sex bracelets i mean i have more then 200 that i wear and people break them and nothing really happens between us so what’s the BIG deal?

  10. Steph

    Ok. I wear these “sex braclets” and do you think that a braclet is going to tell me who to sleep with? I didnt think so! People are smart even though at times we may not show it. Many people have broken my braclets and i havent lived up to it because i think it is wrong. So until you people can prove that we are all the same and will all use these braclets for sex, mine are staying right where they are!!!
    ~Sex braclets rock my socks~

  11. miche'le

    I would have to say, that my two nieces in Larewnce,Kansas knows about the “sex bracelets” so it is more farspread than many people think… The same bracelets were very popular when I was in junior high/high school in the eighties, only we did not use them for that purpose.. to all teenagers with these items BEWARE if you live in or come to Wichita, if I see them I’ll make it know to all within earshot whether or not you are guilty of various things.. It is Not healthy nor acceptable for teens to be involved in any sexual intmacy…please for you own sakes enjoy being a kid while you can.. the world will make you grow up sooner than you think, and then you will be wishing that you could do it all over agin.

  12. Danielle

    sex bracelets….mhm…ok i’m with naked, brady and jewel,,,i’m a teenager and i love them. we don’t wear them for what they “mean” we like them because of they way the look.

  13. some1 4rm texas

    yea..i think we all knw wat sex braclets r!!!even tho im 13 i knw way more then any adult may think i knw…but yea some kids like 2 play snap and evrything…ppl needs 2 jus get used 2 it…cauz do ya think ur kids r really gonna stop??NO!!!well some may but ya get my point..yea i wear them but hell if i wouldnt do nuttin like slap that boy so far it wouldnt b funny..ok but yea we got friends of friends that wear them and u knw wat they do! and ur parents knw wat ur friends do BUT THAT DONT MEAN UR KID IS DOIN IT!!!!!ok!!yea so some ppl may still not knw wat they mean and some may 2 but dont pay any attention 2 it…and some mite aben like me and wear them and didnt knw wat they meant til 1 boy poped it off and yea there it went ova skool i didnt wanna do it wit the boy…so yea mayb ur kids r doin it and mayb ur kids aint…o well ull find out wen 1 comes up pregnat! yea have a promblem email me

  14. Lindsay

    First off, if you’re illiterate, and type like “dis” then don’t bother replying. I think sex bracelets are stupid and pointless. And, if you need a bracelet to get laid, then there is really, and never will be anything between you and that person. And, if you want to end up pregnant over some game then be my guest. Yeah, I’m a teenager, and you know what.. I have one sex bracelet. That I rarely wear.. And, if someone broke my bracelet it just shows they have no life, and no way of getting laid. So, all you immature teenagers that think “Oh, I just wear them because they look pretty” Get over yourself. Anyone got a problem, or something to say.
    Email it.

  15. Lindsay (again)

    This Post, just proves my point. You wear them for what they mean, not how they look.
    Now, don’t bother replying with “Blah blah you don’t know what you’re talking about” because I do. Two of my friends ended up pregnant, with babies to people they don’t really care about.

    Brandy Says:
    July 22nd, 2004 at 12:35 am
    I think that sex bracelets are very fun and exciting and are a good idea for all children around the world to have and expirence the excitment!!.. We have a bunch of these things and i LOVE them!! without them i wouldn’t be getting any action!!Id like to thank my mother guntash and my father goustoff and my teany tiny lil twins that live in japan…for buying these cheap bracelets for me for christmas..without them i might still be a virgin wait who am i kidding i WOULD still be a virgin!!


  16. Rebecca

    DUDE IF IT WASNT FOR SEX BRACELETS I’D… well I’d probobly still get laid but it makes it funner man!!!

  17. skills81

    all u ppl use the sex bracelets to get sex are potheads. if u wont sex get a gf or bf cuz then u have sum1 u care about, and u will be happy u shared it with them. damn if u fuck every one that broke the bracelet u evently get aids or sum virous, and i will be there to laught all u motherfuckers haha.

  18. Frankiefan

    I am a student and this is absolutly not a myth, it is happening, my school has banned them but that has not stopped it…..

  19. ReiaSan

    keh.. im a teenager and i wear them. i mean really only uh.. let me put this in a nice way… only “girls/guys that WANT sex break them.. i mean i wear em and ppl break em and we do nothing .. its just a fashion statement to alot of people but to others they go by meanings… its not that big of a deal so why do parents make it one? i mean if my parents told me i couldn’t wear them it would just make me want to wear them more! oh well…

  20. dean spino

    I think your all sick twisted people. These are kids and its outrageous

  21. sydnje

    i think that the bracelets r ok to use as long as they have safe sex.

  22. Andrea

    I’m a mom, and sadly, was pregant at a very early age to a guy i didn’t know. I grew up in a normal highschool with all the pressures that came along for young girls. No matter what the time period, there were always symbolic things such as ‘sex bracelets’. We would give tabs broken off popcans different ways to represent things or labels pulled from bottles etc to give guys… I do not condone this. What we thought were harmless, or would naughtily giggle about yet thought that we were too smart to get caught on still affected us and the way we see ourselves. So to the young women who commented on this, respect yourself and your body. Making a reputation for yourself as someone loose isn’t a good rep and it WILL follow you for a long time. Eventually we all grow up and i know looking back there are things i wish i could change but can’t. We all do grow up eventually, we learn from tough life lessons, just don’t make those lessons on yourself even tougher, it makes the climb back up a lot longer. No one can stop you from wearing them, just take the time to think about who and what you want to be and project that image to the world. Maybe if you all like them so much, change the name to something else, it’s nothing more than another version of a mood ring.

    Anyhow, no judments to the girls because i walked in your shoes, and i know what the pressure is like. Just trust me, you can’t turn back time and reputations follow you farther than you can believe.

  23. raj

    I don’t know much about sex bracelets, other than what I saw on Law & Order – heh. But in my punk days in Toronto, I wore Doc Marten boots with blue laces – which supposedly meant cop-killer (which I am not and never intend to be). I know, though, I always got funny looks from officers.

    With clothing accessories, there has always been some myth about colours and style, but often based on some truth. So no doubt the bracelets mean something to some people (as a few young women vocally pointed out above), but are also worn by people who don’t understand. It’s like the old saying about which ear your earring is in.

  24. candie davis

    sex braclets arnt that bad ive had 2 blck ones get broke and nothing happens its only if you think you wana go throught with it but who would i havent theres nothing really wrong about them

  25. Tiffany Chancey

    Sex bracelets really are just for looks.I dont really think the bracelets are that important. I just were them for looks. My boyfriend has never disrespected me by trying to pop them for any meanings.So i just say that the bracelets are not that important to me.

  26. danielle

    well, i don’t really know what all the colors mean but i just think the jelly bracelets are cute and plus, you can find them in ANY color to match pretty much everything. people just get all worked up over nothing. i mean, it’s a game and people know their limits…

  27. dinosaur

    it’s just a game and like danielle said, as long as people know their limits, it’s not a big freakin deal…

  28. Kay

    Jewel: Yes. Everyone who doesn’t like sex bracelets is definitely going to e-mail you to tell you why.
    C-Na: You sound like a “stupid retard.” Your comments are largely irrelevant.

    Onto the topic at hand: Sex bracelets were an urban legend that was blown out of proportion. Now I’ve heard about instances where people do actually perform sexual favors when someone snaps their bracelet, but I’ve never seen it happen firsthand. I’m betting it’s one of those things that only started after the rumour got spread around. Many of the kids who do play the game with the snapping of the bracelets are already sexually active, so it’s not as if the bracelets are making children have sex earlier. The schools banning the bracelets are not getting to the root of the problem at all; the bracelets are fashion accessories that have had meanings attatched. Kids are going to have sex with or without bracelets; the parents are largely at fault for sexual activity in children. The real problem is that not enough adults are really talking to kids about sex.

  29. Skylar

    I thing sex bracelets are amazing.(:
    Just cause a gurl or guy wears them it dont mean you gotta go anything.
    Butt, if you wanna do something then go ahead nobody is stoping you.
    And i know some people out in that world dont like sex bracelets then, get the fuck over it cause i do and many other people do too!,(:
    I’m sooooo, happy that i get to wear them.
    And if you like sex bracelets then wear them.
    -Sex Bracelets Are Amazing;*

  30. Directory

    They recently completed banned these from all private schools in Sydney as many assaults and complaints were occuring.

  31. kale

    ok look girls wear these braclets mostly for fun

    i’m 14 and i have 150 to 200 of them. most people in my school dont wear thenm it pissis me off when thay say things like that. but no one understands its FUN i wear them ALL THE TIME.

    parents jest trust your kids

    my fosters parents trust me and that is awsome

  32. Alt

    i very strongly believe that this is a stupid argument. i currently have fourty seven of those “sex bracelets” on my wrist. & i know good and well, i woudln’t have any sexual relation no matter who pops whatever color. there a simple accesory that some idiot put meaning to. so get over yourselves, move on with your life, and just shot up already.

  33. Beetlebot

    I’m in my 20’s and I have some brightly colored jelly bracelets that I wear because they are pretty. I really hope Snopes is right about this one.

  34. Janie Rightley

    It’s nearly impossible to discover knowledgeable males and ladies with this subject, and you sound like there’s a lot more you might be referring to! Thanks

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