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Sweat and Breaking in a Ball Cap

This story begins grossly. See, I own a beige ball cap that I wear while playing sports, jogging, etc. As I sweat (and I sweat a lot), the tone of the hat changes as the hat sucks up the sweat. In fact, I can judge how hard I’ve worked by the peninsula of sweat on the cap’s brim. For example, after two hard games of ultimate, the brim has generally completely darkened. Sometimes when it dries it leaves a little shoreline of salty deposits behind.

That’s foul, I know. Others have noticed, and been equally disgusted. So, I broke down and purchased a dark-blue ball cap. But how to break it in?

I had a vague idea, but tried a few Google searches for confirmation. No joy there, so I’m applying my original idea:

1. Wet the brim of your hat–don’t soak it, but sprinkle some water on it.
2. Take a cylindrical object like a hairspray bottle, and bend the brim around the object.
3. Secure the brim with a couple of elastics, and leave it over night. In the morning, your hat should be all pre-bent, sparing you the hassle of constantly taking it off to achieve the right curve.

6 Responses to “Sweat and Breaking in a Ball Cap”

  1. Jeff

    I can only hope that “peninsula of sweat” will march right into the wider blogger lexicon, Darren. Very nice…

  2. Martin

    The only problem with navy is that the “salty deposits” are more obvious…

  3. Sue

    I commend you for not resorting to full-face sports visors or terry-cloth headbands. You stick to your sweaty, curvy baseball caps and the world will be a better place.

  4. Nick Fowler

    If you have one of those large tape rolls, stick the brim in overnight.
    Caution the extreme curve, but you can always straighten it out.

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