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What Fresh Fruit is This?

While I was taking a photo of the aforementioned building, our grocery delivery arrived. As occasionally happens, it featured an item or two that we didn’t order. I don’t mind, it’s like a little surprise among the Gala apples and Yves soy burgers.

In this case, however, I have no idea what this (apparent) fruit is. It’s the shape and size of a pear, but has no stem or (forgive my layman’s biological terminology) stem point. It’s also too yellow for any pear I’ve ever seen. Finally, it’s skin feels thicker than a pear, and more like a mango’s skin. Maybe it’s a freakish mango? Decide for yourself:

15 Responses to “What Fresh Fruit is This?”

  1. ken

    I was going to guess a quince, which looks pretty pear-like, until I saw the photo. It looks like a yellow mango. What’s it look like inside?

  2. Mel

    I say it’s a mango. It doesn’t look fat or ridgy enough to be a papaya.

  3. Imo

    why don’t you eat it?? will clear up mystery pretty quick! :)

  4. Darren

    I believe Steve2 has hit the nail on the head. I may crack it open today to see what’s inside.

  5. Chan

    Do you get charged for these extra items or are they just thrown in as a bonus?

  6. Darren

    Bree: Steve2 was right–it was a type of mango.

    Chan: Sometimes we get charged, sometimes we don’t. This one wasn’t on the receipt, so I guess it was a bonus mango. You have to build a little expectation of randomness when you order groceries online.

  7. jenna

    it is a typ of mango i bought some at kroger yesterday goofballs, no biggie

  8. Maya

    Well, it’s looks more like a mango to me, just like at my backyard

  9. Brandon

    I have a tree with this fruit on it. It looks like a mango, but smaller. You can eat the skin and it has 5 skinny mango-like white pits. It’s flesh is light yellow and it has a subtle pear flavor. What is it?!?

    Penny Reply:

    it is definetely a mango. i live in egypt and there are at least 6 different local varieties and a few imported varieties. this particular mango is called “the hook”, due to its shape. it is not particularly meaty and it has quite a bit of fiber.

    just for a bit of mango trivia, a few types of mango that i found sold here at the supermarket, carrefour, are:
    “sukhary” (“sugar”…post popular, very tasty and meaty), “zibda” (“butter”), the “hook”, “kobanaya” (also very popular, tasty and meaty), and the “tymour” (an import). there are also mangos that are as big as olives…..i dont know what they’re called and i never tried them….too small. ahhh, there is another type of mango, i cannot recall the name, but what i do know, the skin is extremely thin, and the consumer eats skin and all (not the pit, of course).

    replying to brandon, who asked about the “smaller mango type of fruit”….it sounds like a “date”…… its yellow, and half ripe. the red date is practically raw, but eaten due to the nice crunch….and the date we all know, the brown, sweet and ripe date.

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