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Where’d All the Spam Go?

I’m not complaining, but my spam email count is way down this month. Maybe it’s some statistical anomaly, but I’m receiving about half the spam I usually get. Has anyone else noticed a slowdown?

I’m no spam aficionado, but maybe this move by Comcast and this court decision have something to do with it? The former article claims to have reduced spam by 20%, and the latter describes that the guilty party used to send nearly 100 million spam mails a month.

6 Responses to “Where’d All the Spam Go?”

  1. Vicki Smith

    Not only is my spam way down Darren, but my virus infected spam has disappeared altogether.

  2. Jeremy C. Wright

    The problem is that I get so damn much of it that any % difference smaller than 80% is hard to gauge ;-)

    As far as I can tell it’s not down. I’m still at roughly 500 messages per day.

  3. Sue

    Maybe they stopped targeting Novus subscribers and are going crazy on us poor Telus slobs, because they found out that the Telus spam filters have been down for nearly two weeks now. It’s driving me crazy. I’m almost ready to start worrying about the size of my manly member.

  4. Rog

    My spam count is up, but thankfully I rarely actually see it.

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