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A Meme I Missed: Figwit

Over at 30-something, we find an essay on the obses…er…devotion of fans:

Take the Figwit phenomenon for example. This is fan power at its best. There’s even a documentary to legitimize the  effect the fans of Figwit have on the Lord of the Rings movie franchise. For those not in the know, Figwit stands for “Frodo is great…who is THAT?” In the first LOTR movie, in the Council of Elrond scene, an extra playing an elf captured the attention of 2 fans who affectionately dubbed him Figwit. To make a long story short (you can read the FAQs of Figwit-dom here) because of the fans, Peter Jackson, LOTR director, gave him a line in the LOTR:ROTK.

More importantly, he gets to deliver them to Liv Tyler. He apparently says both “Lady Arwen, we cannot delay” and then “My lady”, presumably as Arwen rides off to a life of Viggo and human misery. 30-something also excerpts a New York Times story about, um, a tosser.