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Anti-Hummer Activism

Unless you’re invading a Middle Eastern country, or the leader of one of those countries, you don’t need a Hummer. While watching yet another Hummer lurch by on Vancouver’s streets, I thought that somebody should develop an international means of showing your disgust to Hummer drivers. But, of course, one already exists (thank you, BoingBoing). And it’s not just specific to Hummers. I must get cracking on my submission.

A less antagonistic strategy would be to just turn your back on Hummers. That’d be cool, actually, if everyone started doing that. You’d drive your Hummer down the street and no one would look at it! Truly, a fate worse than death.

5 Responses to “Anti-Hummer Activism”

  1. Pacrand

    You fixed your RSS feed! Thank you!!!

  2. Darren

    No prob. I guess MT, by default, strips the HTML out, which is kind of bogus.

  3. KevinG

    I love the ‘turn you back’ idea. It would make a great 30 seconds indy commercial. All we need is a hummer, a hundred volunteers and a bit of space on Robson.

  4. Ian Alexander Martin

    I’m all for the elimination of The Hummer on city streets. It’s actually to large for most lanes and – frankly – silly looking.

    The only hummer that might be supportable by me is one I cannot speak of here.

    I am I.A.M.

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