My husband and I live in a one-bedroom apartment and own a Great Dane. We are NOT lousy dog owners, and here’s why:
1. We socialize her. The moment we brought our dog home from the rescue, we bought a pass for our local dog park system (I live in Louisville). Every morning, I bring our dog to the dog park to run and socialize for at least an hour. We get home and she’s tired.
2. Time in the crate = time to rest. The reason I tire her out at the dog park in the morning is because I work and my husband’s in medical school. She’ll be in her crate for 4 hours each day. She spends the entire time sleeping. If she’ll be in there longer than 4 hours, we have a friend come over and walk her for 30 minutes.
3. She gets exercise daily. When my husband gets home, he takes the dog on a 45 minute run. She gets more exercise in a day than most humans get in a week.
4. She bonds with us. When we’re not at work or school, we’re home. Now, if you’re a busybody who likes to go out all the time, a cat is better for you. But we enjoy being home, and when we’re home, our dog is with us. In fact, when we visit friends, our dog comes along, too.
5. She’s well-trained. Both my husband and I spend at least 20 minutes per day working on her commands. People at the vet and the dog park are constantly admiring her obedience. She’ll come when called, even if chasing a squirrel. She’ll drop a treat that she’s in the process of eating if told to “leave it”. Basically, she’s better-trained than most children (even children raised in houses with back yards!).
5. We found her badly malnourished and with a broken hip under a neighbor’s porch. No one claimed her, and she didn’t have a microchip. We believe that any life, even living in an apartment with two loving and active owners (the horror!) is much preferred over dying under a porch.

I believe we are wonderful owners with a dog of which we’re very proud. While the author of this article may say we’re of the category of “lousy” owners because we don’t own a home, I’d disagree, and show my awesome dog as proof.

As an aside, I think it’s interesting that the author wrote an article on what makes a good dog owner yet states “I don’t know much about raising dogs”. Next time, try to glean some experience and first-hand knowledge before writing such sweeping statements.