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At Least He’s Honest

Via Metafilter, we find He’s apparently looking for “a connection, an undeniable desire and magnetism, and a bag of those Atkins salted ‘chips’.” Also, presumably, to get laid:

My virginity is not based on religion, nor is it fueled by fear. It doesn’t involve manipulation, it’s not the result of any physical deformity, and it’s in spite of my hormones, not due to any lack of them. In short, up until now, just a few months shy of my 27th birthday, I am a virgin for one simple reason: the dream of making a Web site just like this.

Perhaps this guy’s not selling himself short enough? Or maybe he’s just unlucky in love?

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  1. NC

    In this genre there’s also but his journal ends a while ago. Presumably he is now either more or less than zero.

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