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Homing Pigeons Vanish During Race

Does anybody else think this reads like the opening act of a disaster movie?

Organizers of a race for homing pigeons were still scratching their heads in wonder today after about 1500 of the birds, famous for their ability to find their way home, went missing during the contest. Of the 2000 pigeons let loose last week, only about 500 have returned to their lofts after the 150km flight between the cities of Ljungby and Malmoe in southern Sweden, said Lars-Aake Nilsson of the Malmoe Homing Pigeon Club.

Is the earth’s core slowing down? Is the Van Allen belt failing? Is a comet plummeting to earth?

5 Responses to “Homing Pigeons Vanish During Race”

  1. heather

    Egads! Let’s all hole up in a library and start burning books to stay warm!

  2. Olaf

    “When pigeons go missing from a homeward bound journey, one man must seek revenge against an enemy terrorizing the sky. One man, some pigeons, and a creature from long ago; awakened by the thirst for crusty splatters on newly-washed sports cars.”

  3. Immutably Me

    A post for the dogs

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  4. Myron

    I find it curious that the story actually broke the same day thousands of chickens escaped from the scene of an accident where their truck turned over while en route in England.

    Methinks the avians have been renting Hitchcock again.

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