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Horsing Around

Via filmgoerjuan (safe for work, though it does illustrate that common phrase “hung like a horse), we learn about the Equimount. It’s a, uh, mare substitute.

It is all right for the stallion to mount without an erection, particularly when just learning the mount. Some prefer to “test” the stability and feel. It is paramount to have a mount that is secure and does not move or make excessive noise.

I heard that performance anxiety from an unstable mount is extremely common.

My colleague Seamus comes from “beyond the pale” in Ireland, meaning somewhere in the middle. Ireland is a top breeding country, and Seamus once told me about going down to watch the (is this what it was called?) studding live and in person. Here’s a couple of Irish studs. He reported that when he watched, there wasn’t any artificial insemination going on, it was actual horse-on-horse action. He did say that they bring in a female donkey as a kind of fluffer, before the mare is introduced. Apparently the donkeys really make the studs’ blood hot, so that they’re all set for the main event.

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  1. filmgoerjuan

    Hmm…you’ve got the “filmgoerjuan” link pointing to the Equimount site (seriously, I’m just a fan of the product, I don’t make any commission off of sales!) ;)

  2. filmgoerjuan

    No, I’m just a satisfied customer (and I don’t even own a horse!).

    OK, here’s an “Ewwwwwwwwwwwww” for that last line so you don’t have to ;)

  3. nonna

    The item referenced above is what is called a phantom mare (or just “phantom” or a “jump mare”. Artificial insemination isn’t accepted by Thoroughbred breeders, so isn’t as popular in the UK and Ireland as it has been in the United States.

    Photos here:

    If you are thinking of the artificial vagina (which is what the stallion actually is stimulated by, and ejaculates into).

    Here’s an informative essay on who what where when and why:

    I think what you are all really wanting to know about are Colorado and Missouri vaginas:

  4. Richelle Mango

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