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Link-Round Up: Going Horizontal

Links about knocking boots, and related naughty bits. Corporate drones, note the work-safe labelling:

  • From Men’s Health magazine, the PositionMaster (includes tasteful line drawings of positions, so you decide if it’s safe for work). If selecting a sexual position seems a burden, this badboy’s for you. Includes valuable advice like "shouldn’t be attempted by anyone with bad knees or a bad back".
  • From (goofy URL, eh?), we find the top 10 women’s sexual fantasies (fully and completely safe for work). Note that this is anecdotal, not based on survey data–your mileage and preferences may vary.
  • Dirty, dirty photos of intercourse between fruits and vegetables. Safe for work unless you’re a lonely farmer.
  • Two British women recently embarked on a bizarre if noble journey (safe for work): "We’re going on a 4,000-mile journey to Russia in a pink Robin Reliant with a boot full of sex toys and condoms. We’re raising money for Breakthrough Breastcancer and we’re bringing orgasms to the people." Dig the pink jumpsuits (safe for work, if not good taste).
  • (not safe for work, unless you’re a urologist. Should that be an urologist? I think not.) exists to show scanned pictures of male genitalia in flaccid and humorous states. It’s not a pornography site – so you won’t find any pictures of pointy projectiles on here." And people say men aren’t trouser-centric. Don’t miss the (also unsafe for work, and kind of disturbing) e-cards.