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My 29-Year-Old Self Just Emailed Me

A year ago, I used Mail to the Future to send myself the following rather vacuous missive:

You composed this message a year ago, while seated at your desk in the early Friday morning. You were pretty happy, if a little bored. You’d recently become an uncle, just started a new company and were kicking around several other ideas. Hope you had a good year.


I wish I’d thought of something more meaningful to say to myself. I’ll try to do better next year.

2 Responses to “My 29-Year-Old Self Just Emailed Me”

  1. alan

    That’s so fun! It reminds me of high school, when our counselor made us all write letters to ourselves in grade 8 about our hopes, our dreams, what we thought we’d accomplish by graduation, what our fears were, who are friends were, etc. In Grade 12, we had those letters given back to us and it was interesting to read. I still have that letter somewhere…

  2. Mimi

    Now if you could mail stuff to ourselves in the past, that would really be something, Think of all the things we could warn ourselves about.

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