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Putting Flowers for Al and Don to Bed

Back in the spring, though a peculiar memetic convergence of goodwill and Internet technologies, we raised some money for gay couples getting married in San Francisco. Here’s an essay I wrote about the subject. After the California Supreme Court put an end to things in California, we decided to donate the balance of the money remaining to a couple of related and deserving charities.

To my shame, it’s taken me the ensuing four months to sort these donations out. This has been due to:

  • Extracting the cash from PayPal
  • Sorting out my credit card
  • Contacting and organizing the donations with the charities
  • Mostly, my own busyness and procrastination

However, the deed is finally done. We had US $2770.40 left to dispense with. We sent US $1670 to Lambda Legal, US $1000.00 to the ACLU Gay and Lesbian Rights Project and kept US $100 for transaction fees (including currency conversions) and admin expenses. Here’s a scanned thank-you letter from Lambda Legal, and I hope to have a receipt from the ACLU shortly (I had to pay by mail to ensure the money went to the appropriate sub-group).

Side note: I was momentarily concerned when I misread the envelope from Lambda Legal. I read “Lambada Legal” and thought “Drat! They’ve finally caught me for dancing the forbidden dance!”

I’m turning off and posting this final update on Thanks to everyone who donated, who volunteered and who helped with making this insta-cause such a success. Special thanks go out to Todd, who I conscripted to be my volunteer wrangler, and to Patti and Kathy and her kids, who were tireless in their delivery efforts. Lastly, extra-special thanks to 6-year-old Pike, for his excellent self-portrait of himself dropping off flowers. If nothing else, there’s a kid who’s going to grow up without prejudice.

4 Responses to “Putting Flowers for Al and Don to Bed”

  1. Gill

    I just read about you on BoingBoing. You’re famous. Can I have your autograph?

  2. Andrea

    Did a mouse bite you at some point? Have you noticed improvements in your cognitive abilities or success at running through mazes? Are you concerned about returning to your former self?

  3. Heron

    Thanks for the update. It was a terrific project and I was honored to donate to it. Thank you for giving us all the ability to participate in a small way in that time. Every time I saw the photos of couples getting married I would just tear up and it remains a potent emotional issue for me. May you be blessed for all that you did.

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