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The Moose is Loose

Back in the spring, it occurred to me that it might be fun to have a blogging conference here in Vancouver. I ran a little survey, and the results indicated that some other people were interested in the idea.

Along came Boris and Roland, who really liked the idea. We finagled Lauren–who has forgotten more about conference planning than the rest of us know–to join us and Northern Voice was born. Here’s a photo of of us, apparently enjoying each others’ company.

We’re pleased to announce Northern Voice, the first Canadian blogging conference. Go, right now, to and check it out.

Registration will open September 1st, but we’re already accepting submissions from speakers. We intend to divide the day between presentations and discussion sessions. The presentations will be traditional seminars, with one or more speakers speaking on a particular aspect of weblogs and personal publishing. The discussion sessions will be open-mike “teach-ins”, where facilitators will lead a group conversation on a blogging-related topic.

Be sure to check out the FAQ for more information and subscribe to our RSS feed.

7 Responses to “The Moose is Loose”

  1. Devon

    I’m SO GLAD you decided to keep the price low. My staving-student ass is very pleased, and will be attending. :)

  2. gill

    1. Sweet logo. Mind you, the moose looks a tad evil. I guess it needs some tickling.

    2. Are you going to make evil moose t-shirts?

    3. Can anyone else help out with this? For the sake of free entry and free evil moose t-shirt?

    4. Come to think of it, this logo would rock as a Canadian-only Linux distribution.

    5. Okay, I’m done.

  3. Derek

    Is it coincidence that the logo fits in so well with Darren’s colour scheme?

  4. Darren

    Devon: Glad you’re happy. Ideally we would have made it free, but as the FAQ explains, that wasn’t quite possible. Still, I think the pricing is low enough that everyone can attend and we won’t lose hordes of money.

    Gill: Yeah, we were kind of going for an angry moose. I’m not sure why, it just seemed right. The logo is fantastic, and was done by Randal at Bomeca Media Group ( We’ll definitely be looking for volunteers, and I expect there will be t-shirts.

    Derek: Hah, close, though I guess it’s my fault the site is greenish. We didn’t know exactly when we were going to get the logo from Bomeca, so I threw up temporary banner I made from a photo I took in Lynn Valley. Boris and I made the stylesheet match the logo, and we just asked Bomeca to make us an appropriately green logo. That way, we didn’t have to mess with the stylesheet.

  5. Jeremy C. Wright

    Sounds fantastic.

    I’d actually love to speak, but I have no idea what I’d speak on at this point… Am I allowed to just apply without a topic yet? ;-)

    (ps: feel free to email me a reply that question)

    Either way, good on you for doing this. I can think of a dozen people I want to be there.

  6. Darren

    Jeremy: Well, you’ve got, like, nearly three months to come up with a topic. So, take your time.

    Also, you can always opt to lead a ‘teach-in’ session, which doesn’t necessarily require a topic.

  7. becky

    Wow! Looks awesome, Darren. Much congrats to you and the Northern Voice team. I’ll try my darndest to be part of the Saskatchewan contingent this February.

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