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The Starbucks Marathon

Via Slashdot, this guy has visited about 4135 Starbucks locations around the globe. He’s got a serious problem, though (aside from his craptastic site design)–Starbucks opens 10 new stores a week. I wasn’t able to locate why he’s doing it, aside from the obvious (and very impressive) media coverage. Hang on, I did locate the FAQ, which reads ‘because someone already climbed Mt. Everest, and I don’t like the cold anyhow.’

While he does say that he drinks coffee at each location, he doesn’t say what else he does. I couldn’t embark on a project like this without planning some ritual at each location, like taking a Polaroid of a barista or complaining and seeing how I was treated. This immediately reminded me of this very funny man’s odyssey to meet 52 of his namesakes.

While we’re talking about massive coffee corps, I see that Starbucks may be getting into the music business soon. This ain’t no innocuous rack of jazz CDs on the counter, either.

4 Responses to “The Starbucks Marathon”

  1. Sue

    I visited the original Starbucks location in Pike Place Market in Seattle, but it was an empty pilgrimage as I don’t even drink coffee. Nothing on the scale of this man’s frantic globetrotting.

  2. Julie

    Mmmmmm. Grande white chocolate mocha. We only have 3 Starbucks in Saskatoon. Dark ages or what?

  3. Laree

    Not one here in Tasmania, Australia!!!

  4. filmgoerjuan

    Personally, I think this guy is a bit nuts. In this Fortune article about him, he’s quoted as saying:

    “After about four stores, the coffee loses all taste…It doesn’t taste good at all—I’m not enjoying drinking it. After an extreme number of stores, I have to wash out the taste with water after every sip because it’s starting to make me sick.”

    If it’s reached the stage where you can’t stand to drink the coffee anymore, you really should question why you’re still doing it.

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