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The Story of My Social Life

I don’t drink. Alcohol, that is. I have in the past, and I do on rare occasions to ensure that I’m still not missing anything. I’m not a teetotaler (whose etymology, to my surprise, has nothing to do with tea) or a prohibitionist. In fact, I encourage others to drink at every opportunity. Often it makes me more interesting to them. I’m pretty anhedonic, and I just never developed a taste for the stuff.

As other (occasional or regular) non-drinkers know, there comes a point in the evening when everyone else is well-soused, and you are stone-cold sober. They’re all making wonderful sense to (and expressing deep love for) each other, but the intellectual rigour of earlier discussions has passed. One begins to feel like a foreigner in his own town–not speaking the language of his liquored friends and family.

The latest example of this was at my father’s recent retirement party. The following photo shows Julie, myself and my brother Kevin before dinner:

And then here’s a similar shot, several hours and glasses of wine later:

You’ll note that my expression has not changed. It’s enough to drive one to drink.

4 Responses to “The Story of My Social Life”

  1. Teresa Sinkowski

    Loved those pics.
    Happy Canada Day.

  2. James Burns

    Darren, I share your experience. I love being stone sober, and surrounded by drunks. The only downside during university was always having to be the designated driver.

    Unlike you I am something of a hedonist, but not when it comes to mind altering substances for some reason.

    My physiology and alcohol don’t mix all that well. It makes me sick well before I can get drunk, and seeing as nausea isn’t an especially pleasent experience I tend to avoid both it and alcohol as a concequence.

    I’ve tried plenty of other substances, and I’ve found the side or after-effects make them not worth the trouble. My only real chemical addiction is to caffiene, and even that I sometimes simply forget to feed with little negative effects.

    So what are my hedonistic indulgences? comment. ;)

  3. Rob

    Wish your dad a happy retirement for me!!

    Kevin was always a happy guy…

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