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Two Items on Midriffs

There really haven’t been many midriff related links lately, have there? First, via Richard, we get an analysis of the economics and anthropology of the bare midriff. He also references this article, reprinted from the New York Times, that argues that girls are covering up these days. This should be no surprise to students of fashion history–fashion traditionally gets more conservative in times of war.

Then there’s the lovely Keira Knightley, who wasn’t quite lovely enough for the poster for King Arthur. They expanded her chest and gave her a tummy tuck in the hopes that extra-human proportions would help sell the film. That didn’t help, because Arthur grossed as much money as, wait for it, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in its opening weekend.

3 Responses to “Two Items on Midriffs”

  1. Sue

    I’m not sure why they’re holding up The League of Extraordinary Gentleman as any kind of example. It was a remarkably HORRID movie and the sooner it fades from memory, the better.

    Anyhow, I feel rather buoyed by the original image of Keira’s midriff. I guess her exercise plan has slipped somewhat since making Bend It Like Beckham. Now she looks normal!

  2. Darren

    That was the point, think. League sank like a dead cow and that King Arthur is likely to do the same. In fact, if I want to see any of Ms. Knightly’s unPhotoShopped loveliness, I had better do it quick. If it gets more than a 4 or 5 week run in Vancouver, I’ll be impressed.

  3. breebop

    about Keira Knightley’s breasts

    Apparently Keira Knightley’s bust was photoshopped to appear bigger in the posters for King Arthur (see the difference here). So far I’ve seen the finger pointed at marketers and Hollywood…

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