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Echo Memoirs in the Globe

Over at my day job, we don’t have many non-technology clients. One of them, however, is our friend (and landlord) Samantha Reynold’s company, Echo Memoirs. She has a fascinating and very unusual business that is growing in leaps and bounds. We were very pleased, then, to get Sam into Saturday’s Globe and Mail. The article is written from the perspective of an Echo Memoirs client:

Earlier this year, she heard about Echo Memoirs, a small Vancouver company that specializes in democratizing the popular memoir business by creating custom-designed coffee-table biographies for the average Joe. Côté met with owner Samantha Reynolds, a former freelance journalist who heads up a team of professional writers, editors, designers and bookbinders, and was impressed by the samples of her work.

Every week for the next six, Reynolds came to Côté’s house with a tape recorder in hand, and probed her on her life history. After 10 hours of interviews, including several with Côté’s children, Reynolds’s team transcribed the tapes, edited the story into shape, designed the layout, touched up the old photos, printed it all on heavy-weight paper, and bound a hard-cover, 200-page book by hand.

Sam gives a great interview, and addresses the sticker-shock very well: “this isn’t just a $5,000 book — it’s a $5,000 family legacy”. Life is so much easier when our clients say the right things.