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Final Word on Sex Toy in Max Payne 2

Last week, I wrote about an apparent dildo behind a washing machine in the computer game Max Payne 2. Considerable debate ensued as to whether it was it was a sex toy, a condom or some peculiar syringe.

Fellow gamer Elton spotted the same object, and sent along a definitive screenshot. He had the bright idea to focus the sniper rifle’s scope on the object, getting a closer look. I found one other reference to it (and various other easter eggs) on the web here.

As you’ll see, it’s definitely a sex toy. Additionally, it appears to be inscribed with some ironic branding: PEACE MAKE’a. The image is after the jump.

2 Responses to “Final Word on Sex Toy in Max Payne 2”

  1. Donna

    I have that one. Well, there are some minor differences, and mine doesn’t say “Peace Make’a” but basically, yeah… Max Payne is using my dildo. Huh.

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